Wind Power Norway/Sweden

Organisation chart for Wind Power Norway/Sweden:

Vardar Boreas AS
100% 50% 25%
Vardar Vind AB Kvalheim Kraft DA Zephyr AS

Vardar Vind AB
Through the subsidiary Vardar Vind AB, Vardar has a wind power portfolio in Southern Sweden consisting of two operating wind farms with a total installed capacity of 29 MW and an annual production of approximately 70 GWh. These wind farms are Kiaby in the Municipality of Kristianstad and Rögle in the Municipality of Helsingborg. The Rögle wind farm consists of eight turbines,  each with an installed capasity of 2.85 MW, or a total output of 23 MW. The construction of the wind farm was completed in february of 2016. Kiaby, which consists of three wind turbines, each with an installed capasity of 2 MW, has been in full operation since 2012.
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Kvalheim Kraft AS
At Mehuken in the Municipality of Vågsøy in Sogn og Fjordane, Kvalheim Kraft has generated wind power since 2001. Mehuken II, which consists of 8 turbines with a total output of 18.4 MW, was completed in the autumn of 2010. In the summer of 2014, the five wind turbines at Mehuken I were dismantled in order to be replaced by 3 larger wind turbines. This project, called  Mehuken III, was completed during the summer of 2015.  All together, a total production of about 75 GWh,  is generated yearly from Mehuken II and Mehuken III. More information on Kvalheim Kraft is available on the company's website:

Zephyr AS
Zephyr was formed in 2006 to develop, build and operate wind power production in Norway.  The summer of 2016 Zephyr sold the Tellenes wind power plant to the investment fund , BlackRock, and was contracted by Blackrock to build the power plant. In september 2017, the power plant was completed after just 14 months of construction.  The plant, wich consists of fifty turbines and a total installed capasity of 160 MW , is the lagest wind power plant i Norway. Zephyr has received licence from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) to develope a wind power plant of 195 MW called Guleslettene in the county of Sogn og Fjordane. The company aimes to carry the project through to complete funding and construction. In addition, the company has two licences from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) totalling 265 MW, which are under appeal at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE). More information on Zephyr and the company's project portfolio is available on the company's website:

Haram Kraft AS
In January 2018 Vardar AS sold its shares in Haram Kraft to Zephyr.

Midtfjellet Vindkraft AS
In the summer of 2017 Vardar AS sold its shares in Midtfjellet Vindkraft to Aquila Capital.