• Vardar will supply heating and cooling to the new multi-purpose hall in Hønefoss

  • Most of the buildings around Søndre Torg have replaced their oil furnaces with district heating

  • Vardar supplies environmentally-friendly heating to Aka Arena

  • Ringerike Hospital – our largest customer

  • Older houses with oil furnaces can easily convert to district heating

  • The largest co-operative building association in the city uses environmentally-friendly district heating

  • Green energy for the new school

  • Vardar supplies district heating to Hammergata 11 and 13 in Vestfossen

Who can get district heating?

In order to be a customer of Vardar Varme, the building must:
1. have water-borne heat, and
2. be located near the planned district heating pipe route.

Buildings without water-borne heat can receive financial aid for facilitating environment-friendly district heating from Enova. If you would like to replace an oil furnace, you can also receive aid from Enova to phase out an oil furnace. More information is available at http://www.enova.no.

Some of the advantages of being a customer of Vardar Varme:
1. Guaranteed lower price than using electricity
2. Environment – green energy contributes to a better environment
3. Maintenance – no mechanical parts to wear out, no replenishment of oil or cleaning
4. Space – no large boiler or hot water heaters
(as a customer of Vardar Varme you can receive tap water from a small heat exchanger, i.e. hot water heaters become superfluous)

The distance to the established/planned pipe route determines the connection price. In areas with a large customer potential, Vardar Varme will consider the establishment of a new route based on the level of interest in a connection. If the connection is made when the grid network is being installed, the price will be much more reasonable.

All new buildings in Hønefoss (concession area) over 1000 m2 have an obligation to connect. The obligation to connect entails that the development must facilitate water-borne heat, while Vardar Varme is required to install district heating pipes to the building. There is no obligation to connect in Vestfossen. Nevertheless, those who have an opportunity to connect to district heating often choose to do so on the basis of the overall economics and environmental considerations.
If you would like more information or an meeting without any obligation, contact gudbrand.bergsund@vardar.no.

Henrik kobler til en ny kundesentral for Vardar Varme
Henrik connects to a new customer substation.

Overview of our pipe grid:

We have now installed over 50 kilometres of district heating pipes in the centre of Hønefoss. The grid stretches from the heating plant at Hvervenmoen in the south to Almemoen in the north. We have a defined concession area in Hønefoss and are obligated to lay pipes to all new buildings over 1000 m2 in this area.

Here you can find out where the district heating pipes are currently located and what new routes are planned in Hønefoss: Click here

Some of our customers:

  • Ringerike Hospital
  • Byggmakker
  • HV Plast
  • Økonomihuset
  • Kuben (Hønefoss Centre)
  • AKA AS
  • Courthouse
  • Almemoen residential area
  • Hønefoss Sparebank building
  • Grand Hotel
  • Nordea building
  • Sportshuset
  • Solrosen Daycare Centre
  • Eikli Daycare Centre
  • Salt&Pepper
  • Plantasjen
  • Norwegian Mapping Authority
  • Roar Jørgensen AS
  • Tronrud Holding

An overview of the district heating route in Vestfossen can be found here:
Click here.