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District heating products and prices

Green energy with a price guarantee!
If you buy energy from us, you are guaranteed to have a lower kWh price than buying from an electricity supplier. With today's oil prices, district heating is also very competitive relative to oil. Last, but not least; if you use district heating you are helping save the global environment from large CO2 emissions. Replacing an oil furnace with district heating in a building that consumes 200,000 kWh annually will save the environment from 52,000 kg of CO2 emissions annually!

  • Section 5.5 of the Energy Act establishes the guarantee. Click here to see Section 5.5 of the Energy Act.
  • We calculate our price in relation to the price of electricity:
  • To calculate the guarantee, we follow the structure for electricity:
    - Network tariff – same price as the local grid owner less the fixed component
    - Energy price – follows the spot price of the local energy supplier less 8 per cent
    - Public taxes – are the same as charged by the local power supplier
  • You can also choose to buy energy at a fixed price instead of choosing a spot price

What type of contract should I choose?

Spot price advantages

  • The spot price is normally low in the summer and high in the winter. You will follow Nordpool's area price for electricity less 8 per cent. The price can vary a great deal and you do not have any guarantee for how high or low the price can be.
  • This contract is encompassed by Section 5.5 of the Energy Act

Fixed price advantages

  • Can be compared to fixing the interest rate on a loan
  • You know what you will have to pay, regardless of how high the market price is for electricity
  • Easy to budget and a good contract if you have high consumption in the winter

    In addition, for large customers, we can create variants based on customer needs. Contact us so that together we can find a good solution.


    Price list in NOK 2014
    The example uses an electricity price of 38 øre/kWh, which was the average spot price for Oslo in 2013. The prices at Vestfossen will vary a little compared with the "Hønefoss price", since it is located in a different grid area.

      Ringeriks Kraft
    Spot price
    Vardar Varme
    Spot price 8 per cent
    Vardar Varme
    Fixed price
    Electricity price 38 34.96 69
    Mark-up 2.9 2 0
    Network tariff 19 19 0
    Fixed component network tariff 2000 0 0
    Public fees and taxes 12.83 12.83 0
    VAT 19.48 17.2 17.25
    Total price in øre for the consumption of 25,000 kWh 92.2 83.9 84.3

    To find the area spot price, click here (refers to the electricity price in the example above)
    You can find the network tariff prices (Ringeriks Kraft) here.

    With e-invoices you will be helping to protect the environment!

    Be environmentally friendly – avoid invoice fees!
    From 1 January 2015, Vardar Varme and ØEF will introduce a fee for paper invoices. Vardar encourages its customers to receive invoices electronically instead of on paper. This will protect the environment, and we will save the costs associated with sending out invoices.

    It is of course up to each individual to choose the most suitable solution, but those who still would like to receive a paper invoice after 1 January 2015 will be subject to an invoice fee of NOK 39, incl. VAT. Customers can choose to receive invoices by means of an e-mail invoice or e-invoice. Both of these arrangements can be combined with a direct debit agreement.

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