The new multi-purpose hall in Hønefoss is heated by environmentally-friendly district heating from Vardar.


The new hall will have 12,000 square metres of floor space, and Vardar Varme is already there.

The building had a cost of NOK 165 million and will be a magnificent facility for indoor sports. Even though it is not quite ready for use, the heating solution has already been installed. The contractor Kruse Smith AS wanted to use district heating during the construction process in order to dry the building in an environmentally-friendly, safe and economical manner. This is now the second large building in a short period of time to use district heating during the construction process, something we are very pleased about.

The new multi-pupose hall in Hønefoss is heated by district heating from Vardar

The building will contain three courts, a climbing wall, gymnastics hall, 60-metre track, training centre and a sports-related retail section. The largest hall will have a seating capacity for 2000 spectators. The hall can be divided into two handball courts, so that up to three courts can be used at the same time. The future events that can be arranged at the hall are only limited by our imagination. In addition, the hall will have a café, where spectators and athletes will be able to relax in a wonderful environment.

Both heating and hot water for showers etc. are supplied by Vardar Varme in Hønefoss. This ensures an environmentally-friendly source of energy based on bioenergy from the Ringerike region.