The wholly-owned subsidiary Vardar Vannkraft AS owns two-sevenths of the production at two power stations located in Hallingdal, the Usta and Nes power stations. The stations were built during the period from 1962 to 1967, with the completion of Usta and Nes in 1965 and 1967, respectively. Vardar's combined share totals just over 600 GWh annually.

The part-ownership of these power stations is based on a joint ownership agreement with the other partners E-CO Vannkraft AS and Øvre Hallingdal Kraftproduksjon AS, which own four-sevenths and one-seventh, respectively.

Organisation chart for hydropower

Vardar Vannkraft AS



The Usta power station is located near Kleivi in the Municipality of Hol. It exploits the falls below the Uste river system. The reservoirs in the system include Finsvatn, Nygårdvatn, Ørteren, Ustevatn and Rødungen. The two generators are equipped with Francis turbines and utilise a gross hydraulic gradient of 540 m. Total mean annual production: 780 GWh.

Nes is the largest power station in Hallingdal. The power station exploits the fall between Strandefjorden and the Hallingdal River near Nes. The inflow tunnel to Nes has a length of over 30 kilometres and a cross section of around 8 x 8 metres. This is one of the largest power station tunnels in the world. Tributaries on both sides of the Hallingdal River also feed into the inflow tunnel. The four generators at the Nes power station are equipped with Francis turbines and utilise a gross hydraulic gradient of 285 m. Total mean annual production: 1330 GWh.