Vardar's investment in district heating in Hønefoss has resulted in a great many polluting oil furnaces being phased out. This contributes to cleaner air both locally and globally, since pollution from NOx and suspended dust, as well as greenhouse gases, is substantially reduced. In addition, many of the city's streets have been improved due to district heating. If we excavate in a street, we always make sure that we put it back into good shape when we have finished.

Biobrenselets kretsløp

  • Ringerike is Norway's largest forestry municipality, and it has substantial local bioenergy resources. The exploitation of local bioenergy resources yields a double environmental effect.
  • Bioenergy replaces fossil fuel and electricity. Electricity can be exported and replace other fossil energy. Electricity is the noblest form of energy and should not be used for heating.
  • Green energy that does not require transport over long distances is good for the environment and good for the climate.
  • District heating is CO2 neutral since the wood chips that we burn are part of the earth's natural CO2 cycle.
  • Consumption of energy wood contributes to new growth, which results in increased absorption of CO2.

Worth thinking about!
Today, Vardar Varme produces approximately 40,000,000 kWh annually in Hønefoss. Almost all of this goes to heating where oil furnaces were used previously. Combined, these customers save the town of Hønefoss from approximately 8,000,000 kg of CO2 emissions annually! This corresponds to approximately 53 million kilometres of driving in the centre of town annually.

Energy conservation tips!
You can receive up to NOK 25,000 in aid from Enova to phase out your old oil furnace. Read more.

You will also find useful energy conservation tips at www.enova.no or by calling Enova's free ”energy advice” line at 800 49003.

Vardar has several employees with a high level of expertise in water-borne heating plants and energy conservation measures, and we will gladly help our customers with this. You can save a lot of energy by optimising your heating plant and implementing energy conservation measures in your building.