• HV-Plast, our largest cooling customer, uses cooling in its production process

District cooling products and prices

District cooling functions very much like district heating with a plant that cools down the water and distributes the cold water to the customers through a pipe grid. The advantage for customers is that they avoid having to buy and maintain cooling machines. The customers can outsource this to a district cooling supplier, and they can concentrate on what is really important for their businesses. They also avoid having to deal with the ever stricter environmental requirements related to cooling. If you want to know more about where we can deliver cooling and what it costs, contact Gudbrand Bergsund at tel.: +47 90 55 65 38 or gudbrand.bergsund@vardar.no.

Vardar Varme currently sells cooling to many of the buildings at Hvervenmoen. We have established a cooling grid in the area and supply large customers, such as the Norwegian Mapping Authority and HV Plast with cooling from our heating plant.

South Town Centre
We have three cooling customers in the town centre, but they each have their own cooling plant that we operate. There is a cooling grid ready in the town centre, but the customer base has been too small for us to want to put it into operation. We are working now with several potential large customers. Please contact us if you would like to look at the opportunities for your property in the town centre.