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TF 50HWI - TVS Heating Unit TF50 HWI 400V

Heating, drying and cooling buildings can be both costly and time-consuming. TF 50HWI is an effective solution. The unit is equipped with a very energy-efficient EC fan that satisfies the EU's new directive. Easier and safer to change filters. Switchable voltage, 230V or 400V.

  • Even distribution of airflow.
  • Easy to connect to a duct or sound damper.
  • Wheels can manage uneven surfaces and gravel.
  • The battery is connected from the top so that hoses do not cross the floor.
  • Water battery is easy to empty with a tap on the bottom.
  • Room thermostat allows presetting the unit to the desired temperature.
  • Very efficient fan.
  • No phase inverters are required since the unit is always connected in the right phase direction.
  • Water pipes and electrical components are encapsulated and protected inside the unit.
  • EC fan provides a maximum airflow of 3,900 m3. The airflow and pressure can easily be adjusted for different types of installations.

All the prices are quoted excl. VAT.
Connection/Disconnection is NOK 5000 if the customer substation is located in the building. Otherwise by agreement.
98 øre/kWh, including grid and district heating.

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