Construction heating products and prices

Construction heating through district heating
Vardar Varme can also offer contractors construction heating during the construction process. It is important that we establish a dialogue with the builder and lay the pipe to the building as early as possible during the construction project. District heating is being used increasingly as construction heating, and the major contractors in particular are focusing more on the environmental benefits from reducing hazardous emissions. In addition, the use of district heating provides a higher level of safety on the work site and often provides a substantial economic benefit. Read here about Reinertsen AS's experiences with the use of district heating as construction heating for the construction of the new upper secondary school in Hønefoss. Click here.

The pipe grid and heating units for the construction process can be leased through the major leasing companies for the construction industry.

Contact Gudbrand Bergsund at tel.: +47 90 55 65 38 to talk about construction heating without any obligation.

Vardar has a heating unit for rent for smaller buildings.

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