Development of Rögle Wind Farm

In June 2014, Vardar Vind AB made a decision to develop the Rögle Wind Farm located at the Rögle Estate in the Municipality of Helsingborg. The development is taking place in cooperation with Västraby Gård Energi AB, which has made a decision to develop the Västraby Wind Farm located on an adjoining property. These two projects will be developed at the same time with a common project manager from Vardar Vind AB. Both wind farms will be developed with wind power plants from GE, with an installed power capacity of 2.85 MW/turbine. Vardar Vind AB will install 8 turbines with a tower height of 75 m. Västraby Gård Energi AB will install 5 turbines, 4 with a tower height of 98 m and one with a tower height of 75 m. All of the turbines will have a rotor diameter of 103 m.

Map showing the location of the wind power plants
Schedule for the development of the Rögle Wind Farm (In Swedish)
Project information (In Swedish)